wjp consulting
“A boutique executive search agency solely specialising in wealth management and the sourcing of qualified financial planners, para planners and practices to both independent boutique planning firms and major financial dealer groups.”

About Us

WJP Consulting is a specialist boutique executive search agency that purely focuses and specialises within wealth management.

Solely working within this space allows us to be experts in our field and build lasting relationships with both quality financial planners and high calibre firms built through our reputation.

Specialties include:

  • Sourcing and placement of CFP, ADFP and DFP qualified financial planners
  • Sourcing of regional managers, BDM’s and practice development managers
  • Sourcing of high calibre para planners
  • Advising on dealer group selection
  • Planning book options by putting Financial Planners with clients/books in touch with suitable organisations to allow them to grow their own planning careers and maintain equity with full office support